Call For Papers

Main Categories for the 2019 Call

This is the main call for participation by students and staff as well as industry and funding partners promoting collaborative research with the University of Zimbabwe. Researchers can participate in one or more of:

  1. Oral Presentations
  2. Poster Presentations
  3. Exhibitions
  4. There will be a session for High Level Dialogue with guest experts and panelists on topical issues of national concern.

Theme and Sub-themes for Research Week 2019

Main Theme:
University of Zimbabwe championing demand-driven research and innovation for industrial and societal solutions: Rallying towards Vision 2030 through Education 5.0


  1. Innovations that deliver advancement of technologies
  2. Models and processes for developing industry
  3. Knowledge and evidence in critical or priority areas of development
  4. Models for heritage-based products and services derived from indigenous knowledge systems
  5. Productivity and competitiveness yielding IPs for use in the industry value chain (new products/ new tools/new methods/new approaches e.g. Reverse engineering; solar battery prototype)
  6. Managing our carbon footprint for a resilient economy (new formulations of animal feed; fertilizers, chemicals, reagents, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers)
  7. Low cost, efficient and sustainable systems and technologies (e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology, ICT, geospatial technologies, renewable energy, Mineral beneficiation,
  8. Resilient and sustainable food systems
  9. Social Protection

Who Should Present Paper/and/or Exhibit at the UZ Research Week 2019?

a) UZ senior researchers, emerging researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

b) UZ existing and potential partners: from public and private sector, civic society and international organizations
  • Partners must showcase products/ work/goods and services that reflect UZ’s contribution.
  • Research outputs can include new/emerging and/or previously significant/ outstanding research which still has impact in today’s world.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts and Full Papers

  1. Applicants should first submit an Abstract (300 words max.). Papers for which abstracts are submitted should include new/emerging or previously significant/ outstanding research which is still of significant relevance/impact.
  2. Submission should include full names, the title of presenter and address including email and mobile contact of corresponding author, and department.
  3. The name of the presenter must be highlighted.
  4. Oral or poster presentations are acceptable: Applicants should indicate preference for mode of delivery as well as thematic area.
  5. Authors should indicate whether the work has been published or not. (This is only for purposes of documentation and will not influence selection).
  6. Submissions by young and emerging researchers are highly encouraged.

Important deadlines for submission of papers

  • Deadline for submission: 14 June 2019, no late submissions will be entertained.
  • Notification of acceptance: 21 June 2019
  • Deadline for submission of full papers: 19 July 2019. Maximum paper length is 6,000 words including tables, figures and references.

Publication of Papers

All eligible papers will be published in special issues of relevant refereed journals and Proceedings of the UZ Research Week 2019 by University of Zimbabwe Publications.

Guidelines for Exhibitions
  1. The submission should comprise the following:
    1. Title of exhibit;
    2. Full names and academic titles of exhibitors, addresses including departments; email and mobile contact of the main exhibitor;
    3. Overview of the main project (200 words max);
    4. Brief description and design of the exhibit (100 words). Projects can include new/emerging or previously outstanding innovations which still have impact;
    5. Pictorial design of exhibit (1 A4 page);
  2. State thematic area.

Important deadlines for submission of exhibits

  • Deadline for submission: 14 June 2019, no late submissions will be entertained.
  • Notification of acceptance: 21 June 2019
  • Deadline for development of the exhibit: 10 July 2019
  • Pre-exhibition tour by Research Week Committee: 18-19 July 2019

Contact Details for Making Submissions

Please send all submissions to

Ensure that you also copy: